Mike Hostetler’s Literate Dotfiles

These are my config files. There are many like it, and many of those are certainly better, but these are mine.

This was written as an example of literate programming. The original markup is in the magnificent OrgMode and then exported to source and HTML via some Emacs magic. I didn’t come up with this myself – I’m using the source from Toon Claes.

The Technical Part

This really uses the magic of OrgMode to generate. In OrgMode, you can put in code blocks and export them to a file, which is called tangling. OrgMode also exports to HTML. Now there is a makefile to handle this on the command line but it all uses Emacs.

The look and feel is ReadTheOrg from org-html-themes.

Soft Part

I’m choosy on which I’m implementing here. Some are too private or specific to me to publish and others because I don’t think it’s interesting.


If you want to build them, you will need:

  • a command-line Emacs
  • a copy of org-contrib-plus, which I had to install myself.
  • make to run makefile

Configs found here